Precision Sawing


At Lynch Metals, we provide premium quality aluminum to customers in virtually any shape, size, and quantity that their need requires. This includes the cutting of stock or custom extrusions to specified lengths, which expedites handling and processing at the customer’s facility.

Our precision metal saw is capable of accommodating material up to 24” in width, 8” in thickness, and 192” in length. This expansive capacity allows us to cut a vast array of shapes with burr free edges while holding tolerances as tight as +/- 0.002” for length” and +/- 0.005” for squareness.

Computerized controls and set ups mean that all production is processed efficiently and with a high degree of consistency between runs.

Metal Saw Precision Sawing “Quick Facts” NJ Faciltiy
Maximum Width 24.000”
Maximum Thickness 8.000”
Maximum Length 192.000”
Tolerances on Length +/- .002”
Tolerances on Squareness +/- .005”

We can cut custom shapes to size with burr free edges.

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