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Clinton D. Lynch, the founder of Lynch Metals, was President of a distributor in the New York Metropolitan area that sold brazing sheet that was only supplied by Alcoa. In 1985, Alcoa decided to discontinue the production of #21 and #22 brazing sheet utilized in dip brazing applications, which was the main product they sold. Since domestic mills would not sell brazing sheet to distributors, Lynch searched for an alternate source overseas. He found Korrugal Aluminum (known as Granges today) located in Finspong, Sweden. Lynch partnered with Korrugal and became their first customer in the United States.

Realizing there was a need for brazing sheet to be available in less than mill minimum quantities, Lynch opened up Lynch Metals in October of 1991, with the desire to fill that need. Domestic producing mills of clad aluminum would not recognize other metal distributors since the application of the product is very technical. The brazing process is referred to as a “Black Art” since no two companies braze the same exact way. The mills believed a distributor, unless they specialized in the process and product, would misrepresent their product in certain sophisticated and technical applications.

The company began to add more brazing sheet products to its inventory. While the original focus was on the aerospace market, Lynch ventured into the automotive and industrial markets. As its volume and product offerings grew, other mills such as Alumax, Alcoa, and Reycan, agreed to sell their product through Lynch. While these domestic mills offered a much shorter lead time than Granges, they also broadened Lynch’s product availability. In the late 1990’s AMAG joined Granges to become the second overseas supplier to recognize Lynch as their exclusive distributor of clad aluminum product in North America.

Since its inception, Lynch has invested heavily in its process equipment. Today it’s the only distributor that has purchased a Kampf high speed slitter, which can run aluminum fin stock as light as .001” at a speed of 1600 feet per minute. With locations in Union, NJ, Anaheim, CA, and Arlington, TX, Lynch operates two Ruesch slitters, three Goebel slitters, and three cut-to-length lines.

Today, Lynch Metals is the premier stocking distributor of aluminum brazing sheet in North America. Our extensive inventory, specialized processing equipment, unique mill relationships, and knowledgeable sales associates combine to make us the best choice to supply your brazing sheet needs.

From the outset, Lynch focused on an additional niche product: custom aluminum extrusions. Our experienced Custom Service Representatives will assist you in the design stage of your custom shape. Our expertise in this market will allow us to source your specific shape with the appropriate mill that is best suited to produce it.

We will provide current inventory reports while managing your inventory levels on our floor to ensure a consistent flow of material in all market conditions. Additional fabrication, such as miter cutting, hole punching, deburring, secondary machining, and assembly are available to reduce your in-house costs. Also, shapes can be powder coated, wet painted, or anodized.

We have become one of the largest distributors of painted and anodized sheet in North America. We stock 38 different color combinations with a focus on the sign and roofing markets. We’ve recently purchased a state-of-the-art blanking line that can produce rounded corners and various diameter holes. Our seven in-house slitters provide excellent flexibility in terms of gauge and width capabilities. Our channel letter coil is individually boxed to protect it during transit.

Lynch will continue to invest in its people, equipment, and inventory to provide our customers superior quality and service. Our outstanding organic growth  is a testament to our loyal customers and sincere desire to excel.

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