Multiclad is a three layer product that offers several advantages over brazing sheet products consisting of only two layers. By adding an interlayer between the cladding and the core layers Multiclad has reduced the silicon penetration that occurs during brazing. The 3003 interlayer inhibits silicon from the cladding to diffuse into the material. By eliminating this process, more molten braze material is available for fillet formation.

As a direct result the following benefits occur:

  • Improved brazeability due to more braze material available.
  • Reduced risk of intergranular corrosion and silicon penetration.
  • Improved strength of the finished product, since AA6000 alloys can be substituted for lower strength AA3000 alloys in the core material. By using Multiclad instead of a non-heat treatable alloy, you will increase the yield strength by a factor of up to five. This will offer the possibility of reducing metal thickness.


Compared to common heat treatable alloys Multiclad gives enough braze cladding to insure tight joints and an unaffected core to provide excellent corrosion resistance.


Compared to non-heat treatable alloys Multiclad gives the same strength using thinner sheet or strip.

Mutliclad Structure:

  • 4000 Series Cladding
  • 3003 Interlayer
  • 6000 Core