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  1. About Our Aluminum Fin Stock

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    As a leading distributor of aluminum brazing sheets, Lynch Metals uses the alloys Aluminum 1100, Aluminum 1145, and Aluminum 3003 fin stock for their brazing process. The brazing process joins metals at a joint using another metal filler material that adheres to the target metals being joined through capillary action to create a tight fit. Brazing sheets are often used in this process to pre-place the filler material.

    The aforementioned aluminum alloys are used to create an effective fin formation medium for transferring heat in industrial applications. Aluminum is chosen because of its inherent light weight, increased conductivity, and easy malleability. It is also a superior choice when the application involves exposure to environmental conditions, liquids, and/or chemicals because of its inherent resistance to corrosion.

    Because of these properties, industries such as aerospace, automotive, and HVAC choose aluminum fin stock as their preferred material for radiators, evaporators, coolers, heaters, and condensers.

    Aluminum 1100

    Aluminum 1100 is heavily alloyed, with a minimum of 99% aluminum and the remainder consisting of copper. This alloy is considered commercially pure and is relied upon for its corrosion resistance.  Aluminum 1100 is one of the strongest available aluminum alloys and possesses the ability to maintain its strength in low-temperature situations and when exposed to electrical conductivity.

    This non-heat-treatable, low strength alloy is easily welded and can be hot or cold formed.  Known for its machinability, Aluminum 1100 is the preferred choice for heat exchanger fins, fin stock, lightweight tools, and sheet metal work.

    Aluminum 1145

    Aluminum 1145, like all aluminum alloys, is known for its resistance to both chemicals and varying weather conditions. Similar to Aluminum 1100, Aluminum 1145 is also considered to be commercially pure with a 99.45% concentration of aluminum. It can contain up to 0.55% silicon and iron, with the remainder made of some combination of other acceptable metals, such as copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc, and titanium.

    The main advantage Aluminum 1145 holds over Aluminum 1100 is an increased level of conductivity due to the higher composition of aluminum. With its light weight and superior formability, Aluminum 1145 is the preferred choice for household use, electrical applications, hairdressing supplies, printing, and food packaging.

    Aluminum 3003

    Aluminum 3003 is another popular choice because of its resistance to atmospheric conditions that could cause corrosion. It is an alloy of moderate strength, known for its high ductility. Aluminum 3003 contains 98.6% aluminum, 1.2% manganese, and 0.12% copper. Combined, these metals produce an alloy with reliable machinability, but one that is not heat treatable.

    Aluminum 3003 is unique in that it can withstand conventional welding methods, as well as hot and cold forming. Compared to Aluminum 1100 and Aluminum 1145, Aluminum 3003 has superior mechanical properties that make it a better option for cooking utensils, chemical equipment, roofing products, and ductwork. Because it can be rolled and extruded it is also commonly used to produce gutters and downspouts.

    Choosing the Right Aluminum Fin Stock

    There are a number of aluminum alloys available with similar properties that make them appropriate for projects involving chemical or environmental exposure. Because of the corrosion resistance provided by aluminum, Aluminum 1100, Aluminum 1145, and Aluminum 3003 fin stock are all excellent choices. Ultimate selection depends on the intended application of the end part.

    The team at Lynch Metals has the expertise to help you choose the best alloy for your particular situation.  With our extensive inventory and specialized equipment, Lynch Metals can help make your project a success. Contact us today for more information and to request a quote for our aluminum alloy fin stock.