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  1. Lynch Metals Is a Premier Distributor of Aluminum Alloys to Various Industries

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    About Lynch Metals

    Since opening in 1991, Lynch Metals has a premier North American supplier of aluminum fin stock and brazing sheet. While our initial focus was on aerospace, today we have expanded into other sectors, including automotive, signage, and telecommunications. We offer a range of in-house metal processing services for our customers, including:

    • Slitting and Rewinding

    We are the only distributor to operate a Kampf high-speed slitter, which runs at 1600 feet per minute. In addition we also have Chicago Slitter, Goebel, and Rusch slitters in house, and we have three Rowe cut-to-length processing lines. We can custom cut widths between 10 ft. and 60 ft. Rewinding inner core widths vary in size, according to each machine’s capability.

    • Precision Saw Cutting

    Our MetlSaw precision saw cutting machines produce burr-free edges, eliminating the need for smoothing and other secondary processes after cutting. These high-speed saws cut through both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and are adept at achieving high production volumes. Our MetlSaw can cut a maximum of length of 192”, a maximum width of 24”, and a maximum thickness of 8”.

    • Blanking

    Many industries find customized blanks to be an economical alternative to stock sheet sizes. The signage sector also relies on blanks to manufacture products. Our advanced technology enables precise length tolerances of 0.01”. Cut-to-order blanks reduce waste, granting economies of scale and reduced costs.

    Aluminum Alloys for the Aerospace Sector

    The aerospace industry often chooses aluminum due to its strength-to-weight ratio and its inherent resistance to corrosion. Demand for aluminum in this sector is expected to double by 2028. As a distributor for several mills, Lynch Metals is poised to keep up with the increasing demand for aluminum parts and components. We can supply the fin stock and brazing sheets you need, when you need them.

    Our proprietary Multiclad brazing sheet is well-suited for use by the aerospace sector. This unique brazing sheet consists of three layers instead of two, containing a 3003 interlayer between the 4000 Series cladding and the 6000 core. The result is a thinner, stronger sheet suitable for the stresses and harsh environments posed by aerospace applications.

    Brazing Sheet for the Automotive Industry

    Aluminum offers ideal properties for the automotive industry, including its crashworthiness—it absorbs shock twice as well as steel. Due to an increased focus on fuel efficiency and reducing emissions, lightweight aluminum is being used more in vehicle production.

    Shortages of materials affect the entire supply chain, and this can be crippling in automotive. We source our brazing sheets from large, global producers, ensuring. stock is always available when you need it.

    For easy identification, we can also mark the clad side of the brazing sheet with either a stencil or vinyl coating. These markings help to eliminate errors during production, ultimately reducing waste and reducing costs.

    Channel Letter Coil and Aluminum Blanks for Storefront Signage

    For storefront signage, we provide both channel letter coil and flat sheet stock. Our channel letter coil is used to manufacture three-dimensional lettering. We have more than 30 colors of aluminum for signage in stock to match your storefront or business aesthetic. Aluminum’s lighter weight and flexibility allow for creativity in your sign design.

    Our customized blanking line enables us to produce signage with a variety of corner radii and holes. Aluminum signage withstands the day-to-day effects of outdoor conditions – up to and including severe weather – ensuring your sign will look professional for a long time to come.

    4000 Series Aluminum Alloys for Telecommunications

    The 4000 series aluminum alloy is created via a combination of aluminum and silicon. Due to its fluidity, this alloy is suitable for welding applications in the telecommunications industry. We can also use the 4000 series as brazing filler materials.


    Lynch Metals: Your Premier Metal Supplier

    Our extensive inventory expands beyond aluminum, and also includes stainless steel and nickel alloys. With our custom stocking program and Just-in-Time deliveries, you can free up valuable floor space while eliminating the hassle of excessive inventory. To speak with a salesperson, receive a quote, or have a catalog sent to you, please contact us.