Aluminum Alloy 4047



Lynch Metals is the leading global supplier of Aluminum 4047 foil, fin, coil and sheet. This unique alloy is used in both the aerospace and automotive markets as a cladding alloy or filler material. As a filler material, aluminum alloy 4047 strips can be applied to intricate applications to bond two metals together.

It is an excellent product for smaller production applications or for assemblies where the join is difficult to get to. In the case of smaller production runs, Lynch Metals is the preferred source since we can supply as little as one pound.

4047 Aluminum Sheet & Coil Slitting

4047 aluminum coilsWhether you require 4047 to be in coil or sheet form, we have the in-house ability to slit, cut-to-length, or shear to the exact size you require. Our width and length tolerances are the tightest in the industry, therefore reducing your in-house scrap.

Since our primary mill source produces only aluminum brazing sheet, we offer the thinnest 4047 in the industry. We can slit as light as .001” and as heavy as .125.” In sheet form, we can supply material cut-to-length from .020” through .125.”

We can slit as narrow as .200” or as wide as 48” on our specialized slitters that only slit non-ferrous materials. Lynch Metals will supply a burr free, uniform coil that is tight throughout.

Since light gauge 4047 aluminum alloy fin and foil is easily damaged while in transit, we take the extra precaution to package our material in foam when traveling a long distance. We also take great care in protecting our material when traveling shorter distances by packaging our material in wood boxes when needed.

Our broad and comprehensive inventory of 4047 master coil is available in the following gauges: .001, .0015, .002, .003, .005, .010, .015, .020, .032, .063, and .125. We can also provide any additional thickness if a requirement approached an annual usage of 8 – 10,000 pounds.

A Leading Aluminum 4047 Supplier

Whether you need one pound or ten thousand pounds, Lynch Metals is the predominant distributor of Aluminum Alloy 4047 fin, foil, coil, and sheet product that will deliver what you need, when you need it.

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