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The Metals Most Commonly Used for Extrusions

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The extrusion process pushes metal through a pre-formed die to shape it into a carefully designed cross-sectional profile. This process can achieve intricate cross-sections while simultaneously creating a quality surface finish. Many find this process especially useful for weak or brittle metals, since extruding relies entirely on compression and shearing. The extrusion process is available […]


Lynch Metals Is a Premier Distributor of Aluminum Alloys to Various Industries

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About Lynch Metals Since opening in 1991, Lynch Metals has a premier North American supplier of aluminum fin stock and brazing sheet. While our initial focus was on aerospace, today we have expanded into other sectors, including automotive, signage, and telecommunications. We offer a range of in-house metal processing services for our customers, including: Slitting and […]

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The Chicago Slitter: One Aspect of Our Coil Slitting Services

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At Lynch Metals, we continuously seek out the best machining tools and precision cutting equipment to support our operations. That is why we went to Chicago Slitter when we sought a machine to improve our coil slitting capabilities. Chicago Slitter combines creative engineering and advanced technology to produce some of the most comprehensive coil processing solutions […]

Why Work with Aluminum 4047?

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Industries across the manufacturing spectrum prize aluminum for its lightweight, yet durable properties and its excellent abilities to conduct thermal and electrical energy. Aluminum 4047 is one of the most popular types of aluminum alloy. Often compared with aluminum 4043, aluminum 4047 is a non–heat-treated alloy primarily composed of silicon, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, and […]

All About Aluminum Extrusions

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Various objects can be manufactured with extrusion, a method that entails pushing metallic alloys through unique cross-sectional dies. Aluminum is among the many metals that can be extruded. Aluminum extrusion simplifies the creation of objects with complex cross-sections. Aside from its use in custom dies for various applications, aluminum extrusions are used in t-slot aluminum […]

Aluminum Dip Brazing vs Aluminum Vacuum Brazing

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Aluminum brazing entails the joining of metals with melted aluminum. It produces a much cleaner joint than other joining methods such as welding and eliminates the need for post-processing. Aluminum brazing is ideal for large flat surface materials, as it uses pressure to reinforce joints. Since it can be used to join parts made of […]

The Aluminum Brazing Process Explained

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Lynch Metals is proud to be the premier stocking distributor of aluminum brazing sheet in North America, supplying the aerospace, automotive, signage, and telecommunications industries with top-of-the-line, high-performance materials. Our vast inventory includes 1100, 1145, and 3003 aluminum fin, as well as #7, #8, #13, and #14 brazing sheet.Aluminum fin is used to efficiently transfer heat. For […]