All About Aluminum Extrusions

Various objects can be manufactured by extrusion, a method that entails pushing metallic alloys through unique cross-sectional dies. Aluminum is among the many metals that can be extruded.

Aluminum extrusion simplifies the creation of objects with complex cross-sections. Aside from its use in custom dies for various applications, aluminum extrusions are used in t-slot aluminum and aluminum angles, among other profiles.

Why Design with Aluminum Extrusions?aluminum extrusions

Because of their adaptability and practicality, aluminum extrusions are well-suited to a wide range of applications. Their many advantages include:

  • Strength – Since aluminum retains its strength regardless of how often it’s reused, it fares well in most heavy duty applications.
  • Malleability – Aluminum is a particularly pliable metal, making it much more versatile than other common materials.
  • Lightness – Despite its greater strength, aluminum weighs less than most metals. If a product needs to be light, an aluminum extrusion can greatly reduce its weight without compromising performance.
  • Corrosion resistance – Aluminum is impervious to rust, providing users with complete protection from corrosion.
  • Thermal conductivity – Aluminum is an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity. This makes aluminum extrusions a must in shielding products.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Aluminum is an inexpensive material that can be quickly manufactured for any application. The fact that it can be reused any number of times without losing its quality and strength makes it all the more cost-effective.
  • Sustainability – Since aluminum can be reused, it is a greener alternative to other metals. This makes it ideal for environment-friendly applications.

Aluminum Extrusions in Everyday Life

Aluminum extrusions are widely used in many industries, including the following:


Structural panels, mechanical equipment, and electronic components all make use of aluminum extrusions. Airport ramps used to board aircrafts are also made from aluminum extrusions.


Cars and trains both have extruded aluminum panels and components, including engine blocks, transmission housings, and roof rails and chassis. Because of their thermal conductivity, aluminum extrusions can also be found in automobile radiators and condenser tubes. Aluminum extrusions are also used in gangways that load people, cargo, and vehicles, as well as other transportation equipment.

Building and Construction

Aluminum extrusions for building systems include components that resist weather damage and protect building movement. Aluminum extrusions are also found in building facades, railings, balustrades, and canopies. Roofing, window and door frames, wall panels, partitions, and bathroom fittings are among the many architectural components made out of aluminum extrusions. Because they do not rust, they are particularly useful for any structure exposed to the elements.

Aluminum Extrusions from Lynch

Because of aluminum’s inherent advantages over other metals, aluminum extrusions are a preferred building material for heavy industry. Because of its unique properties, it can handle nearly any task or function with ease.

Since 1991, Lynch Metals has supplied manufacturers across the country with the finest extrusion services in the industry. We offer a broad range of custom aluminum extrusions, including fabricated, painted, and anodized products. Regardless of the application, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate our clients’ needs and develop a cost-effective engineered material solution for them, ensuring that our products provide a lifetime of value.

For more information on our products and services, contact us today. If you’re interested in working with us, request a quote on our website.


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