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All About Aluminum Extrusions

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Various objects can be manufactured by extrusion, a method that entails pushing metallic alloys through unique cross-sectional dies. Aluminum is among the many metals that can be extruded. Aluminum extrusion simplifies the creation of objects with complex cross-sections. Aside from its use in custom dies for various applications, aluminum extrusions are used in t-slot aluminum […]

Aluminum Dip Brazing vs Aluminum Vacuum Brazing

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The process of  brazing entails the joining of metals with melted aluminum. It produces a much cleaner joint than other joining methods such as welding and eliminates the need for post-processing. Aluminum brazing is ideal for large flat surface materials, as it uses pressure to reinforce joints. Since it can be used to join parts made […]

The Aluminum Brazing Process Explained

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Lynch Metals is proud to be the premier stocking distributor of aluminum brazing sheet in North America, supplying the aerospace, automotive, signage, and telecommunications industries with top-of-the-line, high-performance materials. Our vast inventory includes 1100, 1145, and 3003 aluminum fin, as well as #7, #8, #13, and #14 brazing sheet.Aluminum fin is used to efficiently transfer heat. For […]